I’m stitching to support the Sewing Rebellion

With the downturn in the global economy it has become necessary for me to join the forty-three percent of tailors and hand sewers who are self-employed.  (This is according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).  We hand sewers and seamstresses, provide an invaluable service to consumers who value their clothing.  I have found a nitch market, manufacturing garments for artists.  I am fortunate my skills and craftsmanship are appreciated.  I earn approximately $12.11 per hour, and hope to earn $25,200 to continuing supporting the Sewing Rebellion.

My first stitching project was a collection of garments created for CamLab a LA based artist collaborative.  I generated the following garments (see below), which were used in a performance at MOCA, as part of the engagement party series.  http://www.moca.org/party/camlab/

I’m open for other stitching jobs, so place your custom orders today!


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