Ballad of a Garment Factory Collapse

In the heart of SAVAR, Bangladesh. In June 2013, the winds were hot and humid, as a building collapsed on
Raza Plaza eight stories high, and 1129 hard working people did die.


On the top floor of that building, eight stories in the air
these young men and women were working in an new sweatshop there;They were sewing disposable garments for a very low wage.
So tired and pale and worn-out! They were desperate for a wage.


There were no comforts, no fresh air, no light to sew by, and the stitchers, they toiled from early morn till darkness filled the sky.  When vibrations from an illegally built generator brought the factory down onto the workers below.


Then on that fateful free market day, when the worst garment factory disaster in history occurred! 
That poorly constructed building collapsed and fell into a rocky maze. 
So many innocent hard working people died, trying earning a meager wage.


Thousands of remaining workers mourned, they followed the sad families. 
The streets were filled with people weeping bitter tears.  The factory owner, said, “We have to learn lessons and get together – retailers, buyers, suppliers, and make better days”


100 years ago it took a fire, to hope for better days.


Frau Fiber 2013


image of collaspe building


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