Pledge to Mend America

Pledge to Mend America

I pledge my life to mending America by being a watchful and vigilant community member; peacefully and firmly fighting racism, sexism, and oppression; crafting spaces where all people are welcome; to continue to create change through calls to actions, skill sharing, sewing, and mending; and to persistently persevere in spite of the seemingly futility of it all.

Frau Fiber
11 November 2016


2 thoughts on “Pledge to Mend America

  1. I really want to know how I can chat with you. I have so many questions and comments for you.
    I am a student living and working in Calgary, AB. I was introduced to your work through a magazine last semester and every time I research what you are doing I get more intrigued. I am finishing my BFA and have been interested in the intersections in using my work to draw attention to the textiles industry for many years. But your connections are so much more authentic and REAL than anything I have ever done.

    I am really hoping that you might tell me how you started to get access into some of this knowledge that you possess and how you actually made connections with people working within the industry. Let me admit that my position in life is quite privileged in that I was born and raised in Canada, and although I did not have the chance to go to University when I was young, I came back as a “mature student”. All of my information about the textile industry is from reading and searching the web and none of it is first hand. I am realizing that my experience needs to actually have some impact versus making pretty objects that my classmates and family members are the only ones to see.

    I am currently making a piece in response to my own fears regarding how Trumps leadership will affect my life and the life of my daughters but also women internationally. I have probably taken a too great of leap in regards to that response but I am sewing labels together to create a quilt like textile that acknowledges underpaid women’s contribution of bravery and cleverness when providing for their families and the wearers of their clothes. I’ve had some immediate interest regarding donators which I am glad for. I am interested in making my work more participatory and less performative. But I am also aware of it’s limitations. I’ve been told that the piece draws attention to my stitches and the companies but not the workers and “isn’t it children working in those factories”.

    I could really handle some dialogue with someone who’s work relates but is oh so more developed. Any chance?

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