My Mission in America

Frau Fiber’s Mission in America
Huntington Beach Art Center
June 15-July 7, 2019
Curated by Carole Frances Lung, Frau Fiber’s biographer and Archivist

In video, installation, performance, sculpture and banners this exhibition introduces Orange County to me and my mission to transform the fast fashion apparel supply and demand system.   Embodied in the uniform I wear and the action I take. I am a former East German textile worker, turned international super hero. Advocating for “Fast Fashion” production transparency; honoring the labor behind the label; and emancipation from consumption through skill-sharing, I ask the public to exchange their leisure time for the production and/or mending of textiles and apparel.  I have created durational works addressing these issues for LGBTQ centers; Library Maker spaces; craft, art and design museums; and academic and community galleries and centers.

img_4547-768x512Tailor Made a pop-up shop, where I offer my services for mending, alterations and tailoring to the public. Bring your items and the cost will be determined with a spin of the Wheel of Wages* plus the cost of materials needed.


Days and times:
Tuesday – Wed – Thursday 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 27,  3-6 pm

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