Frau Fiber, was born in Apoloda Germany, September 13, 1966.  She worked in the local garment and knitting factories until the wall came down and she and many of her comrades lost their jobs to China.  In 2006, at the Bauhaus Museum in Weimar Germany, she met Carole Frances Lung, a former garment worker and artist from the united states.  They became fast friends, and in the fall of 2006, Frau Fiber moved to Chicago where she began the Sewing Rebellion at Mess Hall in Rodgers Park.  Frau Fiber has traveled the US and the world creating soft guerrilla actions, making apparel production transparent.  She now lives in Long Beach, CA, where she tracks the import of textile goods into the port.  While her work is futile she perseveres.

8 thoughts on “Biography

  1. frau fiber, ich liebe ihre arbeit, und bin sehr sehr interessiert mehr davon zu erfahren! haben sie eine email adresse wo ich sie kontaktieren konnte? mfg sarah

  2. Guten Tag Frau Fiber! I live in Santa Monica and would be willing to volunteer to help you while you are doing your thing at the Camera Obscura November 25 through December 2. I am a sewer, and a very excellent hand sewer actually. I was a Costume Designer for films for 15 years and did my own alterations and made a lot of the costumes. I think I could help you! Just get in touch with me and we can figure out what times I’d be available. If I don’t hear from you, I will stop by after my yoga class nearby on the 25th at about 1pm. Best to you, I’m totally with you on the political stuff… judijudijudi 310 367 9689

  3. Gute nacht Frau! I am curious to know if you have any volunteer activities that you recommend? I have high school students that create blankets for project Linus, but I want to do something different, something that involves recycling. How about taking old t-shirts that are stained and making them into clothing for children? Do you have any programs I can get my kids to join?

  4. Hello! Could I please display your “Motifs, Migrations, and Misappropriations” brochure in a zine/manifesto exhibition at Fruitlands Museum, from April – September 2020? I am the curator – in order to participate, I would ask only that you send me a couple of other copies of the brochure. I could pay for shipping! Thank you.

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